Scenario Suggestions

Since I’ve already played a number of MESBG scenarios (and some of them multiple times) I thought it would be good to have a place with concise reviews and house rule recommendations (if I have any).  If you’d like to have a sense of how good a scenario is but not read about my experiences, then this page is also perfect for you.  I will include links to battle reports as well for those who want to see what my experiences were.  Keep in mind that all of these scenarios are played solo as well.

Escape From Goblin Town Box Set – I highly recommend playing all of these scenarios with the full rules even if you’re new.  These scenarios are balanced using the full rules and you’ll have more fun playing them this way.  Also, many scenarios require that you have more goblin models than what the participants list contains.  I’d recommend having most of the goblins in the box set painted before you play these if possible.

  • The Breakthrough – Recommended – A great scenario for newer players though more experienced players may find it a bit simple.  No houserules needed with this one!
  • The Breakthrough Battle Report
  • Rescue The Baggage – Recommended – A fun scenario that allows the dwarves and goblins to jump across platforms if they so choose.  I would recommend houseruling it so goblins cannot block the dwarves from jumping across, especially when going towards the baggage in the opening turns to ensure an exciting game.
  • Rescue The Baggage Battle Report
  • Brothers in Arms – Not Recommended – This scenario is really hard for the good side and is a bit of a “combat slog” because the dwarves aren’t great at fighting.  I played it twice and didn’t really enjoy either playthrough as much as I hoped.  As far as houserules go, the goblin scribe’s ability to bring goblins in any edge of the board is a bit too powerful and needs to be toned down to give the dwarves a chance.
  • Brothers in Arms Battle Report
  • Guard The Crossing – Recommended – A fun scenario with powerful dwarves!  The suspense of having the Goblin King randomly show up is nice too.  The Goblin King should show up but you could make it easier for him to show up after turn 5 to ensure he gets in the game and makes the dwarves’ lives tougher.
  • Guard the Crossing Battle Report
  • The Wizard and the Burglar – Recommended for newer players – An interesting and challenging scenario where Bilbo and Gandalf must reunite with a horde of goblins in their way.  This one is best for someone new to the game who wants to learn how magic works.  Make sure to houserule that the Goblin King can’t charge Bilbo first turn or else this scenario is over before it gets going.
  • The Wizard and the Burglar Battle Report
  • Wizards in the Dark – Recommended for newer players – While it has its flaws and is pretty challenging for the good side, this is another good scenario for learning magic.  Like the previous scenario, this one can have a little too much combat grinding if the wizards are spotted early.
  • Wizards in the Dark Battle Report