What is Battles in Middle Earth? – This site has two goals to educate and entertain you with content about Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game/Hobbit Strategy Battle Game/Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game content by Games Workshop.  Additionally, I use it to show off my hobby work, battle reports, and anything else that I think is cool

Who am I? – I am a guy living in Chicago in his 30’s who enjoys painting, making terrain, and playing the different forms of MESBG.  Inspired by some incredible hobbyists out there, I have been working towards painting up and playing some campaigns in the MESBG system.  I try my best to paint and create terrain that looks as good as it can in a reasonable amount of time.  My hope is that inspires others to take up this hobby and achieve whatever goals excite them.

A technical writer by trade, I also love to write so having a website is a natural fit in that regard.  My hobbies include miniature wargaming, reading graphic novels, literature, and history books, playing video games (especially Nintendo and RPG’s), and collecting Non-Sport cards (it fills a collecting itch for an old Magic and Pokemon player!).

You can find me on some other sites/social media including:


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