The Joy of Finished Projects

This week I powered through to finish two “projects” that have been going on for a while.  The first is one you already have seen but its nice to have the basing done.  In my mind, I thought these were going to look a little cooler (the bases that is) than they turned out.  I think because I used a lot of basing stuff that is familiar to me, the end result wasn’t as exciting as I anticipated.  I do think the Fellowship looks ready to do battle in Amon Hen (or possibly even Lothlorien) which is what I wanted.  It is cool to see them all done together too of course.

Breaking of the Fellowship Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game Games Workshop

The other thing I finally finished was my 16th and final tree for the Eriador “board”.  While the pictures are not going to blow anyone’s mind, I think they came out looking very nice and when I get some more hills done, the “board” is going to look really nice and about as good as I could hope for without doing a formal board.  The tufts really do blend with the battle mat much better than I initially thought.  As you can imagine, I’m really relieved to have all of the trees done.  I don’t know exactly how many months that project has drug on for but to have them done makes me feel a great sense of accomplishment and I also feel closer to being able to play Hobbit scenarios which is the most important thing at this point.  Can you guess what scenario the trees are set up for below? 🙂

Eriador Board with Finished Trees Hobbit Strategy Battle Game Games Workshop

7 thoughts on “The Joy of Finished Projects

  1. Looks great, you’ll have cracking battles on that that.

    I’m going to guess it’s the scenario where the fellowship flee moria into the forest with the wargs in tow (can’t remember the name of it) from the fellowship of the ring book.

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    1. Thanks for the kind words, Peter 🙂 You’re really close! In this scenario, they are being chased by wargs, but instead of the Fellowship it is Thorin’s Company in The Hobbit after escaping from the Misty Mountains.

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      1. Ah so it is, I’d made the assumption based on you having a finished fellowship to play with and overlooked all the hunter orcs on wargs you’ve been painting. Either was it still looks great 😀

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      2. That’s actually a really good educated guess now that I think of it. I do hope to play the scenario you mentioned in the future too 🙂 I’m looking forward to your next update when you get around to it!

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  2. I think the bases look fantastic and now you’ve really completed the fellowship milestone. Award yourself 10 hobby points. 😀

    No idea on the scenario but it looks like it’ll be a treat.

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