The Unbreaking of the Fellowship

I had one goal this week: Get the remaining members of the Fellowship painted.  I have started and stopped several projects lately (like getting the trees made) and so I wanted to get something done that I could feel good about.  Fortunately, I mostly feel good about these last two paint jobs.

Breaking of the Fellowship Lord of the Rings SBG Games Workshop Merry Aragorn

Aragorn came out fairly well even if his sculpt is disappointing.  Why in the world did they leave space for half an eye?  You can’t really paint an eye (I tried initially) because of how tight that space is and yet, the hair still leaves enough of a gap that it looks weird not to paint the eyes.  Outside of that, Aragorn went fairly well even if the colors he wears at the end of the Fellowship of the Ring are pretty drab.

Breaking of the Fellowship Lord of the Rings SBG Games Workshop Merry Aragorn

Merry reminded me that I can’t paint yellow to save my life and it is something I should work on in the future.  His face could have come out a bit better too to be honest but I’m not sure you can see that in the pictures here on the site.  I was quite pleased with the sword which has a pretty high contrast look and in-hand it looks quite nice.

What was also nice was that my third (!) airbrush arrived this week and while my luck with airbrushes has been abysmal, being able to use it to varnish the Fellowship was awesome.  Its so much quicker and safer with metal minis to use one than a brush.  It also beats the potential frosting of a rattle can too.

Breaking of the Fellowship Lord of the Rings SBG Games Workshop Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Boromir, Gandalf, Gimli, Legolas Aragorn

All that is left now is to base the Fellowship (besides Gandalf) which I am excited to do.  I think that will really makes these minis look great and even more cohesive.  It’s awesome to have a full Fellowship at my gaming disposal too.  I don’t have almost anything else painted LOTR-wise so there aren’t many scenarios I can play right away with them but I have a few creative, custom scenario ideas for the future once I get a bit more hobbying done so they’ll get used sooner or later.

So the big question now is what’s next?  I got a great deal on Goblin Town Terrain (under $40) so that is in my to-paint queue.  I also have Theoden for Golden Demon and the Goblin King waiting in the wings as well.  I’d love to get enough of something together so that I can play a new scenario soon.  I have found my hobby eye wandering towards Test of Honour because I really like samurai.  Burrows and Badgers seems like it could be fun too.  Both would be somewhat compatible with the terrain I’ve been working on so not a ton of work there.  But alas, I know that I need to focus on LOTR and get some games in with it as I’m not THAT far way.  I also decided that I need to get back to Scouring of the Shire stuff as I can pretty quickly (and without a ton of hobby work) get what I need to start playing those scenarios.  So I will be working on getting miniatures I need (Ruffians) and start making some terrain in the nearish future.  I wanted to make a board because I know that would look nicer than my battle mat and to be honest, I still really want to but I can’t because of limited storage space and I shouldn’t let that keep me from doing what I want hobby-wise and certainly not gaming wise.  I can always go back and build the board later so long as I keep track of the materials I use.

That is enough rambling from me though.  I look forward to showing off the Fellowship next week and seeing where I go hobby-wise from there!

8 thoughts on “The Unbreaking of the Fellowship

  1. The fellowship looks fantastic, I’d be very proud of it if it was my own paint job.

    If you want a to get back to scouring of the shire it will be perfect for making a board, from what I’ve read a lot of the scenarios are on a 2×2 board which is great when you have storage issues.

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    1. Thanks for the kind words, Peter! There are definitely a number of scenarios that are 2×2. Unfortunately for me, even that is tough as I don’t have a safe space to store a board at the moment. My hope is that within the next year or two, I can afford a bigger place and then I’ll have the room for them as I think it would make the battles even more immersive and cool looking 😀

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  2. Great job on the fellowship! It’s a lotr milestone. 😀

    Storage is always an issue. Mine has recently gotten out of control so I know why you hesitate. Big items need to be as modular as possible to make it worthwhile I think.

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    1. If not a rite of passage! 😀 I’m glad to hear it isn’t just me. I may need to stick with battle mats for the foreseeable future as living in a two bedroom apartment does not allow for storage of even just the four 2×2 boards that I would need to play all of the Scouring of the Shire. One day though, I will get there 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and for your support as always, Stew!


  3. Aragorn and Merry look great – and the finished Fellowship look fantastic. Seeing this post reminds me I need to get onto the very same task myself, which I keep putting off or getting distracted from..

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