Thorin’s Company Doubles in Size

Alright, it isn’t terribly impressive to go from one to two but I’m still pleased to present Oin to you!  I am satisfied with how he came out even if I think I did a better job painting Fili overall.  I couldn’t get his eyes right (though it is hard to tell in the picture below) and I shaded more heavily than I meant to so his clothes look a bit dirty which is disappointing.  Even worse, I accidentally broke his staff while assembling.  Not my proudest moment but it is a good reminder to be careful when assembling these minis.  I may get a back-up Oin in the event that I further break his staff while gaming.

Oin Hobbit Escape From Goblin Town Dwarf Games Workshop Thorin's Company Strategy Battle Game

What is more exciting is that I got all of my goblins based finally.  It took quite a while to figure out how I wanted to base them and I ended up using Vallejo’s Gray Pumice and then adding some Citadel Skulls and Army Painter rocks to it.  This led to the dingy cave feel I was looking for.  I painted using the somewhat unusual combination of Dryad Bark, Steel Legion Drab, and Tallarn Sand to tie the bases into wood colors so they will look at home on their native terrain as you can see below.

Goblin Town Goblins Hobbit Strategy Battle Game Games Workshop First Six Based

I’m not sure what I will paint next.  I’ve been chipping away at the wood terrain and am a bit sick of it so I may go back and work on more goblins as I’ve taken a bit of a break from them and can turn them out pretty quick.  It would be nice to have at least one thing that I need to play between Thorin’s Company, Goblins, and terrain done.

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