Thorin’s Company Forms

As promised in my last update, I have some more painting progress to share with you.  To my surprise, I found myself working on my first member of Thorin’s Company!  To help me paint Fili, I found a great guide on the Tale of Painters Blog that I can recommend if you’re stumped as to what colors to use.

As you can imagine, I was determined to do the best job I could on Fili since he is one of the main character in the movies.  Being so motivated must have helped because I painted things like his eyes which are quite challenging on smaller minis like this and some freehand which is something I’ve been scared to do much of.  Fili has some weird spots on the mini that are hard to figure out exactly what they are and his belt needs more detail as well as the top of his hair.  I wouldn’t say that he is hard to paint though overall.  Just make sure you’re well stocked on brown paints because you’ll be using most of them!

Fili Hobbit Thorin's Company Escape From Goblin Town Games Workshop SBG Dwarf

If I could do one thing differently, it would be his hair.  I followed the Tale of Painters guide and ended up with pretty orangish hair where Kili has more of a dirty blonde hair color in the movies.  Other than that, I definitely recommend the guide because it makes painting his fairly drab outfit much more approachable interesting!

Fili Hobbit Thorin's Company Escape From Goblin Town Games Workshop SBG Dwarf

I haven’t decided how I’m going to handle his base yet and I want all of Thorin’s Company to have as cool of bases as possible so that side of things will take some time.  I’ll definitely share pictures when I get it finished.  In the meantime, I’m going to go back to painting terrain and possibly showing off some based goblins soon too!

2 thoughts on “Thorin’s Company Forms

    1. You are too kind for reading through all of these articles on my site, especially these old ones from last year. I appreciate it and now I’m excited to get some more hobby posts up in the near future 🙂


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