Down In Goblin Town – Painting Progress

I’ve had Escape From Goblin Town for about a week and so I thought it would be a good time to check in and see if it is living up to my high hopes!

Hobbit Escape From Goblin Town Games Workshop Lord of the Rings

First off, the sculpts and design of the goblins have really grown on me.  I remember not loving the goblins when I first saw their designs in An Unexpected Journey but the little boils and growths are a lot of fun to paint and make painting lots of the same thing still interesting.  My only disappointment is that the mold lines are fairly noticeable on these minis and they do take some tile to file down.  So don’t skimp on your prep work if you want good looking goblins!

Hobbit Strategy Battle Game First Two Goblin Town Goblins

For the first two goblins, I wanted to try out some different color schemes because I wasn’t sure exactly what I would like best.  I tried two different colors for the main wash Carroburg Crimson (which seems to be commonly used) and Druchii Violet.  I like purple with Rakarth Flesh because they work well and sure enough, the second goblin (on the right in the picture above) came out much better than the first.  The greatest trick to making your goblins look good is getting a thin enough shade so that it doesn’t overpower the Rakarth flesh.

Hobbit Strategy Battle Game Goblin Town Goblins 3-5

As you can see, I’ve gotten a bit better at that with additional practice on my next three goblins.  I’m also quite pleased with the eyes on my goblins.  I’ve never been great at painting eyes but with a nice and pointy Army Painter Insane Detail Brush, I’m not finding it to be too difficult thus far.

From what I can tell, I need 12 regular goblins to be painted before I have enough to try the scenarios out and with four done, I’m over 1/3 of the way there which is not shabby for a week!  I am getting slightly burnt out though so I will probably try some wood plank painting and perhaps a dwarf in the near future!

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